Best Tree Stand Available!

Before you buy another tree stand, please let us show you the easiest way to stand your tree up quickly and securely!

The Marriage Saver...

Coined "The Marriage Saver" by our many delighted customers, we sell the best tree stand available... the pin-stand system.  All of our fresh cut trees stand on pins in the lot, and we offer free drilling on choose & cut trees from the field.  This tree stand has removable legs which attach to a central pin.  By lining up the hole in the bottom of your tree with the pin and simply setting the tree on the pin, the pain is gone from your tree-standing process!

  • Stand your tree up straight in 10 seconds; tree stands straight, regardless of trunk shape 
  • Virtually eliminate the need to cut branches from the bottom of your tree 
  • By merely spinning the tree on the pin, you can choose which side you want to face where 
  • The large water bucket is separate from the pin stand.  This allows easy removal of the tree at end of season, avoiding the messy drainage process and spills of other stands.