The Real Tree Tradition

Each year 35 million American families bring a real Christmas Tree into their homes to become a warm and growing part of their holiday celebration.

In 1842 Charles Minnegerode introduced the custom in Williamsburg, Virginia.  His tree was described as “splendidly decorated” with strings of popcorn, gilded nuts, and lighted candles.  The 14th president of the United States, Franklin Pierce, was the first president to set up a Christmas Tree in the White House.

The enduring tree symbol remains a firmly established part of our holiday customs, engaging not only our senses of sight, touch and smell, but also our sense of family, spirit and tradition.

For more on the history of the Christmas Tree, visit the History Channel at http://www.history.com/topics/christmas/history-of-christmas-trees

The Umlauf Family History

In 1957, Charles W. Umlauf, purchased the land which would later become Pine Brook Hollow Christmas Tree Farm - and moved his wife Ruth and four children, Beth, John, Greg and Kathy, into the white farm house that sits across the pond today. 

After many years of "experimenting" with growing Christmas Trees, Chuck and his son, Greg, planted 20,000 trees in 1981 & 1982.  In 1989, they decided a retail "Choose & Cut" tree farm was the direction the farm should take.  After his father's passing in 1994, Greg, his family, friends and dedicated employees continued to grow the family business into what it is today.

The Umlauf Family and the employees of Pine Brook Hollow Tree Farm wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!